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Poem written for an anniversary

Love Story

The love between a man and a woman
Can be a fragile thing
It can wither and die or richen with time
One never knows which life will bring

I’m so thankful to our Lord
Each and every single day
That He saw fit to make our story
“Our Love is Here to Stay”

Paralegal meets attorney
Two very different worlds combined
After almost two years of courting
Our lives became entwined

Reading poetry and singing
Love was set on the right track
You saved me first, and I turned around
And I saved you right back!

I bought you your first Bible
And I read you the Good News
Our faith has always held us tight
Even when some did accuse

We blended more than just two hearts
It wasn’t always an easy affair
We didn’t agree on all family issues
But the love and respect was there!