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Lyrickal Legacies is a program I have developed to help seniors record who they really are in order to preserve that precious info for countless future generations. I do this in the form of poems which have been described as both “whimsical”and “heart touching”.  

I meet with the subject and ask a few questions and then listen to some stories.  In a short time (usually 2-5 days) I review with the person for accuracy and make sure they are satisfied with their Legacy. We can stop there and just frame it or we can “jazz it up” with some graphics or use shadow boxes to display relevant pieces. Each Legacy is a unique and personal work of art.

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Libby’s poems are a true work of art. She depicts the person and the moment or event in such a way that it is very personal, spiritual and memorable. I would recommend her poems for any person or event that you are celebrating or commemorating. You will be very pleased and happy with her work.

Libby has the ability to take even the most fragmented pieces of someone’s life and reassemble them in a cohesive prose that touches that heart and engenders a full range of emotion, from laughter to tears. I would trust Libby to create the words to say the things with which we may have trouble.