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Poem written for an anniversary

Love Story

The love between a man and a woman
Can be a fragile thing
It can wither and die or richen with time
One never knows which life will bring

I’m so thankful to our Lord
Each and every single day
That He saw fit to make our story
“Our Love is Here to Stay”

Paralegal meets attorney
Two very different worlds combined
After almost two years of courting
Our lives became entwined

Reading poetry and singing
Love was set on the right track
You saved me first, and I turned around
And I saved you right back!

I bought you your first Bible
And I read you the Good News
Our faith has always held us tight
Even when some did accuse

We blended more than just two hearts
It wasn’t always an easy affair
We didn’t agree on all family issues
But the love and respect was there!

This poem was written by a husband to his wife for their anniversary. Obviously his nickname for her was Sloopus

“Hang On Sloopus”

The year was Nineteen Hundred Eighty-One
I was hanging out having Old Style fun
Packer’s games and tailgating were my thing
Who knew what the wind was about to bring

Along came a skinny kid from way out east
Visiting her friend Holly ( Who I thought was a beast)
She drank Tickle Pink and she had a funny name
Little did I know my life would never be the same

Fun in the sun, a day at the lake
You were into Rob, I was on the make
For his sister Chrissy, I thought she was cute
Till I got a load of you in a bathing suit

So I sauntered over, in my jean shorts and leather
And inquired of you if you would ever
Like to hang out with me, you know, take a Tim cruise
To which you replied “No! I’ve heard you’re bad news!”

But I won you over with my wit and style
And it pissed Rob off when we went out for awhile
Yes, a whirlwind courtship of almost a decade
I liked to be sure of decisions I made

To tell the truth I didn’t know if I should
Take a chance on love, I never thought I would
And then there you stood, face all streaked with tears
And they didn’t go away and I ignored my fears

I got out the ring I’d been sitting on for awhile
And in my most gallant and gentlemanly style
I threw it at you and said “Will this shut you up?”
And you smiled, and you nodded and you said “Yup”

So in October of 90 you became my wife
And for 11 years we have built this life
I’m not easy to live with, sometimes I don’t bend
But I hope you realize you are my very best friend!

You’ve given me so much through all our years
A calming force and a great set of….ears
And the greatest gift that’s really taught me about love
Is our “Pooctcho Jones” who I am still in awe of

So hang on Sloopus, we’ve got a ticket to ride
And who knows what waits on the other side
But whatever life brings we will make it through
Because you love me and I love you!