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Just What I Always Wanted
Christmas on Flora Place

When Christmas time comes around each year
I try to be happy, to find Yuletide cheer
I have much to be grateful for, I’m blessed in  many ways
But it’s hard to reclaim the joy of childhood holidays
We always had a real tree and the house smelled of pine
We moved the furniture around to accommodate  a different design
On the mantle snowman candy dishes with smiling Styrofoam grins
Full of that Brach’s Christmas candy with the multicolored ribbons
Every year inside the fireplace the manger scene was set
Making me wonder how Santa Claus didn’t trip over it
And when the boxes would come up from the basement there was such elation!
They were full of the ornaments, lights and other  decoration
Children are so resilient, I know this for a fact
Because every year like clockwork Dad would blow his stack
When we all tried to “ help” or some lights would get tangled
It’s amazing that none of us ever got strangled
Those big frosty ball lights, I thought they were so beautiful
Those broke years ago but I remember them still

While all this was happening in the background we would hear
Mahalia Jackson and Mitch Miller; Burl Ives singing about a red-nosed reindeer
Then the ladder would come out and the angel would be placed
Tinsel draped on the tree and all over the place
And that night with the lights out and the carols playing low
The house would be filled with a lovely magical glow
Then it was Christmas Eve and we’d be off to one of Mom’s families place
Dad grousing and grumbling a frown upon his face
I couldn’t wait, though, because there would be cousins/ friends
And we got to open our Secret Santa present from them
Then home before too late because midnight mass was a thing
The church would be crammed and the people would sing
Silent Night, What Child is This and Oh Come Emmanuel
I remember how big my heart used to swell
Back home and rushed to bed because Santa was near
My brother and I planned to try and catch him each year
We never made it, exhaustion won out
But we were still up early enough to see what goodies he left about
Because at our house Santa didn’t wrap, that wasn’t his style
We came down the stairs and searched for our pile

Mine was usually easy to spot amongst the baseball gloves and GI Joe’s
I never got my Barbie Dream House I really wanted one of those!
But when I think of the time and the money spent now that I’m here
I’m in awe of and so grateful that they pulled it off every year
When everyone was finally up, it seemed to take forever
The chaos of everyone opening presents at the same time together
Shouting “Thanks” and “Do you like it?” and “I needed stationary”
And, of course, “Just what I always wanted” now legendary
I guess there was some kind of breakfast but the meal that comes to mind
Was the dinner of turkey or ham on the Christmas dishes so fine
As the years have gone by our traditions have changed
Now there’s Sock Monkey, Bacon and Farting Poop to exchange
And, of course, the sausage roll which is now a tradition strong
Playing some inappropriate game Jake and Nate bring along
But one thing that hasn’t changed and I hope it never will
Is the laughter and the fun that we continue to share still
And I hope somewhere that Mom and Dad are nestled on a couch with cups of coffee
Looking down at their kids loving each other which is just what they always wanted to see