This poem was written by a husband to his wife for their anniversary. Obviously his nickname for her was Sloopus.

“Hang On Sloopus”
The year was Nineteen Hundred Eighty-One
I was hanging out having Old Style fun
Packer’s games and tailgating were my thing
Who knew what the wind was about to bring

Along came a skinny kid from way out east
Visiting her friend Holly ( Who I thought was a beast)
She drank Tickle Pink and she had a funny name
Little did I know my life would never be the same

Fun in the sun, a day at the lake
You were into Rob, I was on the make
For his sister Chrissy, I thought she was cute
Till I got a load of you in a bathing suit

So I sauntered over, in my jean shorts and leather
And inquired of you if you would ever
Like to hang out with me, you know, take a Tim cruise
To which you replied “No! I’ve heard you’re bad news!”

But I won you over with my wit and style
And it pissed Rob off when we went out for awhile
Yes, a whirlwind courtship of almost a decade
I liked to be sure of decisions I made

To tell the truth I didn’t know if I should
Take a chance on love, I never thought I would
And then there you stood, face all streaked with tears
And they didn’t go away and I ignored my fears

I got out the ring I’d been sitting on for awhile
And in my most gallant and gentlemanly style
I threw it at you and said “Will this shut you up?”
And you smiled, and you nodded and you said “Yup”

So in October of 90 you became my wife
And for 11 years we have built this life
I’m not easy to live with, sometimes I don’t bend
But I hope you realize you are my very best friend!

You’ve given me so much through all our years
A calming force and a great set of….ears
And the greatest gift that’s really taught me about love
Is our “Pooctcho Jones” who I am still in awe of

So hang on Sloopus, we’ve got a ticket to ride
And who knows what waits on the other side
But whatever life brings we will make it through
Because you love me and I love you!

Mothers and Daughters
As long as there have been mothers and daughters
There has been the history
That these same mothers and daughters
Would somehow disagree

Whether it’s because they are so different
Or because they are the same
It really doesn’t matter
Wherein lies the blame

What is important
Is that you know
My love for you
Continues to grow

As you’ve become a wife
And now become a mother
I feel that you and I
Have grown closer to one another

You’re my flesh and blood, my baby girl
My confidant and friend
I’m thankful all our “storms”
Calmed down in the end

As October 29th approaches
I can hardly wait to see
What an incredible mother
You’ll turn out to be!

But what really gets me going
What really makes me glow
Is that I’ll be Emerson’s grandma
And I already love him so!

Here is a invitation I wrote.

Coming up December 23rd  there will be a party

To celebrate the love of Alyssa and Charlie

It will be the first Christmas these two lovebirds will share

Let’s help them decorate their tree and show them we care

Please bring an unwrapped ornament tagged with your name

So the happy couple will know from whom it came

So in all the years to come they can gaze at their tree

And think of all of you and remember fondly

What each and every one of you have brought to their lives

And how much love they are surrounded by