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Poem written for a daughter on her wedding

Time can be relentless; it hurries on its way
And suddenly, it’s a very special day
A day I watch someone I’ve loved all her life
Walk down an aisle and become some one’s wife
My mind starts to swirl with all the memories
Of a sweet little baby christened Jennifer Louise
Paw Paw, as was his habit, bestowed upon you a nickname
And from that day forward, our “Fer Fer” you became
A beautiful child with an infectious grin
Your hair like blond silk when it finally came in!


Poem written for a wedding invitation

Coming up December 23rd  there will be a party
To celebrate the love of Alyssa and Charlie
It will be the first Christmas these two lovebirds will share
Let’s help them decorate their tree and show them we care
Please bring an unwrapped ornament tagged with your name
So the happy couple will know from whom it came
So in all the years to come they can gaze at their tree
And think of all of you and remember fondly
What each and every one of you have brought to their lives
And how much love they are surrounded by