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Any Reason


Poem written for a 3rd grade teacher

Our Wonderful Teacher Mrs. Camerato

It’s time to say goodbye
And to head to the fourth grade
But we wanted you to know
What a big difference you have made

Some people say you’re loud
And we say “WE DON’T CARE!”
You’re a cheerleader for us
And no one can compare!

You just want us to “develop good habits”
And you put us to the task
To “budget our time” and “check our work”
That’s really all you ask!

At times we’ve “DFD’ed”
And we know what’s “unacceptable” to you
It’s not a real “headscratcher”
Now we all know what to do!

So thank you for the memories
Monthly meals and morning meeting
Current events and sharing time
And all of the great reading!

Math challenges and spelling lists
DOL’s and book extension
Project Fair and Famous People
There’s just too much to mention!

We love you and we’ll miss you
But we never will let go
Of all the things you’ve taught us
We just wanted you to know!

From your third grade class 2004