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Any Reason


Poem written for a teacher

Teacher: (‘tE-ch&r) noun
1: one that teaches; especially: one whose occupation is to instruct

When we look up the word teacher in our dictionaries
We break into big goofy smiles
Because the definition doesn’t begin to describe
Our exuberant Mrs. Niles!

The words we would use to describe Mrs. N
Would go something a little like this
Nice, smart and funny; amazing and kind
Intriguing and miraculous!

Superb, super-duper and wonderful
Understanding and helpful and intelligent
Respectful, “the bomb” and adventurous
Patient, great and excellent!

Each day in Room 23 at Green Acres School
Has its share of laughs; what a riot!
But when it is time to get down to work
We often hear “Folks, please be quiet”

You read to us, you answer our questions
You sing a little math song
“Whatever you do to the numerator, you have to do to the denominator”
(Let’s face it; that was just wrong!)

Spencer S loves the hermit crabs, especially Ralph
Nick Amodio draws no people, just things
Jeremy O has an impressive vocabulary
Alex P, well, he often sings!

Bella P is a meticulous artist at work
Dominique C has a tender heart, always caring
Patrick L has the silliest sense of humor
And don’t forget his detailed sharing!

Amelia D loves the Yankees
(In a Red Sock Fans territory)
Billy S is into dragons
Rachel M hangs out with Tori!

Nick Andreucci can be a scooch at times
Megan D can be oh so dramatic
Victoris C is quite a poet
David K’s a Calvin & Hobbs fanatic!

Dylan M, he really likes his pigs
Julia B is a friend to all
Ryley L is so athletic
Amy M kicks a mean soccer ball!

Kyle V is into hockey
All birds are a friend to Dawn
Elicia S asks “Who wants to know who I like?”
Eddie G left so early on

Good old “fat couch potato” Snickers
Keeps on going with such zeal
Once there was a petition
To try and get her, her own wheel!

You take care of us all
With such loving patient ease
Saying, “Please modulate your voices
And restrain your impulsivities”

No one is saying that you are perfect
Your mind can get a little mixed
Calling Dylan by the name Jordan
Confusing worksheets for the two Nick’s!

Taking pictures with film less cameras
Needing stitches in your noggin
Who could blame you for a few mishaps?
With the “Kiddos” you’re pedigogin

Nature’s Classroom was truly unforgettable
Totally awesome and “The Bomb”
Your girls bonded so well by the end of the week
They began to call you Mom!

So, Mrs. Capitals, you must know by now
That you are greatly admired and adored
All of the things you’ve taught us so far
Are up in our heads safely stored

Ready to send half off to Middle School
The other half will see you next year
But because of your preparations, your 5’s
Will go forward with minimal fear!

In short we want you to know how cool you are
(Excuse the use of the penny word, please)
We’re all full of exuberant wonder at you
Thanks a lot,
Your Prodigies