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Any Reason


Poem written as a ghost story treasure hunt for a childrens’ party

Rotten Ralph’s Treasure

Gather ‘round ladies
I’ve a story to weave
If you get scared easily
You might want to leave

Long, long ago
Before you were even here
A man lived in this house
He was something to fear!

His name was Rotten Ralph
And his face was green as grass
He smelled really awful
‘Cause he had a lot of gas!

One long ago dark night
Full of terror and strife
He slipped and he fell
That was the end of his mean life!

But Ralph refused to leave
He loved this house there is no doubt
And to this very day he tries
To make everyone get out!

And some say there is a treasure here
I’m not sure they are wrong
And that’s another reason
Some say Ralph won’t move along

So don’t be surprised
If you here a sound here and there
That’s just Rotten Ralph
Trying to give you a scare

But we’re way too brave, right?
To give him his way
Let’s just have some fun tonight
And go ahead and play!

Let’s look for Ralph’s treasure
Come on lets give it a whirl
Of course, the first clue will go
Right to the birthday girl!