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Poem written for a 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Chrissy

Happy Birthday to Chrissy
With the big beautiful smile
You’ve joined the 50 club
And you’re doing it “Chrissy style”

With exuberance and passion
And including all your friends
To Live Laugh and Love
Is the message that you send

When you were a kid
You knew what you wanted to do
Working at the McDonalds
Down on Washington Avenue

A set of golden arches
You wanted for your own
But fate had other plans
Waiting to be shown

And though it took some time
With some heart ache along the way
You are the happy and proud owner
Of Dad’s Restaurant today!

Your Eggs Benedict is amazing
Your pancakes are the best
Your corned beef hash is heavenly
And so is all the rest!

Your energy seems endless
As you fly around your place
With your lovely purple hair
And that smile on your face

Well, usually you’re smiling
But you’re not afraid to disagree
I can honestly say
I wouldn’t want you mad at me!

So on this special birthday
Hoping everything goes your way
Like a making out with Jon Bon Jovi
Wish-filled kinda day!