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Poem for a 40th Birthday


On February 3rd 1978
A beautiful soul took form
The world has been forever changed
Because Rita Macrae was born

Spirit in Its infinite wisdom arranged
That this innocent and  beautiful baby
Be chosen in love and adopted
By a loving New Hampshire family

This light-filled dreamer
Fits in anywhere she goes
Because kindness and healing
From her it just flows

Solstice , Starlight
Ready Jump Soar
Friday Soul Sessions
And in many ways more

Rita uses her gifts from Spirit
Backed up by experience
In nursing and psychology
And some life changing events

This Firewalker loves to travel
Adventure is her middle name
With Tony Robbins or “The Mouse”
Having fun is her game!

I’ve known Rita for some time now
A friendship meant to be
Together we are “Rina”
My soul sister and me

We met when I made a list
My manifesting document
I  was then called by spirit
To attend a Solstice event

When I walked in I started to tingle
I was home, this I knew
Rita’s first words to me were
“We’ve been waiting for you”

See she and Delanea had done some work
And made a list of their own
Later when we compared them
….Mind blown

One time leaving for Cali
It became clear at the gate
To travel that day
Might not be Rita’s fate

“”I’m not going and that is final”
She was heard to cry
“Oh you’re going, get on that plane”
Was my insistent reply

As you all know Rita shaved her head
Because she found it hard to care
I know she really loves me
Because now she has some hair!

Rita is a JP and president of her church
And as a medium led spiritually
When she laughs her big laugh the angels sing
Everyone else turns their head to see

Who is emanating a light so bright
And a joyful noise so fun?
Rita has so many dear friends
I feel lucky to be one

So on this 40th white birthday
I want you to know I treasure you
You deserve every happiness
For who you are and all you do!