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Memorialize Someone


Poem written for a beloved father


A son, husband, father

A friend, all of these

Can be used to describe

The man Joe Savarese

An honorable soldier

Served faithfully in World War 2

A hard working floor man

After that part was through

Yes, all of these

Are things you could say

But they wouldn’t really show you

The man we say goodbye to today

He was patient and giving

Fun loving and kind

A better man

You’d be hard pressed to find

He loved pasta with eggplant

And Polar Joy banana splits

He was constantly causing

Louise to have fits

Like on a Puerto Rico trip

When he talked so much to a cabbie

That they got lost getting home

And she got pretty crabby

Or taking his kids on a moped

On the highway no less

Oh, Louise let him know

When he was causing her stress

But she loved him so much

And he loved her back too

They weren’t mushy about it

But you knew it was true

He brought cherries to the movies

He said Shop and Shop and soder

He called people named Donna Donald

Yes, he could have talked better

But no matter how tired he was

At the end of a long day

He would jump in the pool

And with his kids he would play

He taught them to swim

He taught them to drive

In his patient kind way

He taught them to survive

Debbie was his pet

To Doreen “This Old Man” he sang

He was so proud of Glen

The man he became

He was selfless and generous

With holes in his shoes and Pontiac

But his children did not go without

No, his children did not lack

Not that there was a lot of money

Joe’s family never got wealthy

But they were so rich in love

And that’s how it should be

So although we are sad

And will miss him forever

He will always be with us

Our memories we will treasure