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Memorialize Someone



What can we say about a man like Gordon?

That would be enough to impart

A life so well lived, a man so well loved

That he’ll always be in our hearts

Gordon had many friends down

 In the Hill section back in the day

Back when kids still acted like kids

And actually went outside to play!

“Gordie” went on to Hill House High School

And after that came the Korean War strife

He proudly joined the United States Navy

Which he loved all the rest of his life

After the war was over

Gordon became a UCONN grad

“Ziggy “ was an intelligent and gentle soul

A witty and fun-loving lad

He married the beautiful Edna

And they stuck together through thick and thin

They also made three great kids

Kathleen, Susan and Brian

And from those three kids came grandchildren

Seven angels he loved quite a bit

With Grandpa a walk became an adventure

And they never grew tired of his wit!

Gordon found joy in the small things

He ate a tuna fish sandwich everyday

And employing his usual humor

Claimed that kept his hair from turning grey

As a math teacher at Hamden High School

Gordon made his living helping young minds to grow

     In the summers he did asbestos work

He was not a lazy man, you know

Singing in a barbershop quartet

Reading, sailing and hitting the links

Meeting friends at the Kimberly Spa

Or as it was better  known “The Greeks”

After Gordon retired from teaching

He was humbly grateful for all that he had

His life was “beyond his wildest dreams”

He was sometimes known to have said

His life was filled with so much

Family, cocktails, stories and friends

The sound of Gordon’s great big laugh

Stays with us and will never end!