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Profess Love


Poem written for a daughter

Mothers and Daughters

As long as there have been mothers and daughters
There has been the history
That these same mothers and daughters
Would somehow disagree

Whether it’s because they are so different
Or because they are the same
It really doesn’t matter
Wherein lies the blame

What is important
Is that you know
My love for you
Continues to grow

As you’ve become a wife
And now become a mother
I feel that you and I
Have grown closer to one another

You’re my flesh and blood, my baby girl
My confidant and friend
I’m thankful all our “storms”
Calmed down in the end

As October 29th approaches
I can hardly wait to see
What an incredible mother
You’ll turn out to be!

But what really gets me going
What really makes me glow
Is that I’ll be Emerson’s grandma
And I already love him so!