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Profess Love


Poem written for a mother in law

What makes a woman become a mother?

What makes a woman become a mother?
Is it just the act of giving birth?
Or is it giving to another
Acceptance, love and self-worth?

I ask this question because you seem
Just like a mother to me
I’m blessed to have you in my life
Loving unconditionally

My first thought was “Look at this beauty”
On the day when we first met
“Wow!  She looks so Puerto Rican!”
Was how your first thought went

So, I married your son, it didn’t last forever
Some things just aren’t meant to be
But I ended up becoming your daughter
And that makes me so happy!

Paige, with an infinite child’s wisdom
Doesn’t care if there’s blood between you
She knows how a grandma’s love should feel
When she looks in your eyes of blue

Your annual gingerbread man bake-date
The gifts you give with so much zeal
Most importantly the love-filled hugs
These things spell a grandma who’s real

I guess it’s true that into everyone’s life
There must fall a little rain
I’d give anything to keep your gentle heart
From witnessing anymore pain!

I may not be able to pull that off
But there is one thing I can guarantee
That I will be here for you anytime
As long as you’ll have me!