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Poem written for Sweet 16

Sweet Victoria

On July Twenty Fifth Two-Thousand and Two
The baby I longed to meet
Victoria Grace made her appearance
And our family was complete

At Victoria’s Baptism I asked friends and family
To bring a note or trinket to be stored away
The time has come to open all that love
On this her Sweet 16th birthday

She was my little princess
And I dressed her accordingly
Outfits in all shades of pink
And ruffled finery

Then around the age of six
Much to my dismay
My “mini-me” began to prefer
A softball glove at play

But , of course, I love you baby
Exactly how you are
You’re smart and kind and fun
Goal driven; you’ll go far

You can also be a little clumsy
But very sweetly so
We won’t mention your fight with a hanger
Those many years ago

You’re not a wimp, thats for sure
You’re strong and see things through
You had a lot of allergies
But never let that stop you

When you were little you desperately wanted
A dog to love and take in
Because of your allergies we compromised
With a guinea pig you called Quinn

Alas , you were affected by
Your new found furry friend
But Quinn remained a family member
Till the very end

To your team you’re known as Vic
And Voo sometimes calls you Vicky
As most people who know me know
This subject can be sticky

To me you will always and forever be
My Victoria , this you know
You are your mother’s daughter
Always ready , go go go!

You’re creative and you love to travel
You always work so hard
A babysitter in high demand
And a vigilant lifeguard

You’re not afraid to get involved
You join committees and get things started
Camp and mission trips each year
Truly lovely and good hearted

It has been an honor for your dad and I
To watch the young lady you’ve turned into
Daughter, sister, friend and teammate
We are proud of all you do

The time has flown and here we are
Opening your sealed gifts from years ago
We hope that the love that surrounds you now
You really feel and know